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 „ Aqua Pools LTD  is a Bulgarian company specialized in the construction and maintenance of recreational pools and swimming pools. Our team has experience and knowledge accumulated over years in the construction, maintenance and repair of swimming pools and entertainment pools. The proposed solutions shall ensure tranquility, safety and the pleasure to use the pool, facilitate and simplify maintenance.


  „ Aqua Pools ” LTD  offers and uses certified products with high quality and guaranteed origin of leading European and world manufacturers. The great variety of innovative accessories and equipment allows meeting even the highest requirements of each project. At the disposal of each client are numerous, diverse and flexible programs not only for the construction and equipment of pools, but for the servicing of their warranty and service. The specialized groups of "AQUA POOLS" Ltd have the resources, expertise and opportunities to respond, locate and remove any problem. All year round "AQUA POOLS" Ltd. maintains stock availability and equipment ensuring professionalism in the work of their employees. The mandatory warranty periods for certified products and their strict adherence to facilitate customers in their choice and ensure the safe and easy maintenance of each pool.


 „ Aqua Pools ” LTD   has available expertise of more than 20 professionals in the design, construction, equipment and maintenance of swimming pools. In the spirit of the traditionally good and honest relationship with customers the company aims to make every idea into reality and affordable luxury. 

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